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Dr. Donohue Newest Medical Director for Wound Care Therapies Magazine! See the latest issues below.

  • Spring 2014 Issue: Dr. Donohue on pages 7, 40-44
  • Summer 2014 Issue: Stories of interest on pages 6, 8, 20 (World Walk model), 40 (Wound telemedicine)
  • Fall 2014 Issue, Read pages 10, 28 (PCPs and wound healing,) 36 (community limb preservation team)
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WORLD WALK FOUNDATION featured in Podiatry Management article on Humanitarian Missions.


Like basic healthcare, walking is something we take for granted in our daily lives. Yet, this simple act unnecessarily eludes millions in the developing world. At The World Walk Foundation, we believe walking is a precious gift and basic healthcare is a human right. Through our work in underserved communities, we are turning these philosophies into realities by increasing medical equality and patient dignity, combating unnecessary pain and suffering.

Right now, we are in the midst of a silent global epidemic; one that is adversely affecting families, communities and economies in every nation. Lower extremity diseases and deformities are increasing around the world at an alarming rate. Wounds, infection and trauma overwhelm medical communities in every region of the world. Birth defects diseases like clubfoot and cerebral palsy contribute to a diminished quality of life, especially among children in underserved regions.

World Walk serves as a bridge between the developed and the developing medical world. We are helping forgotten communities create medical self-sufficiency by sharing knowledge and current medical practices. Our medical assistance and long distance education are helping build stronger and healthier communities. We are revolutionizing healthcare around the globe.

We work where few will: in small rural clinics, jungles, the killing fields, crime stricken barrios or inner city slums…and each day we are finding success when and where it might appear hopeless. Hand in hand, together with our partners, World Walk is building healthier tomorrows, bringing help, hope and healing to people in need today.