Wound Care Therapies Magazine – Guide to Wound Care Therapies Magazine Articles to the articles below.

  • Spring 2014 Issue: Dr. Donohue the Newest Medical Advisor for Wound Care Therapies Magazine. Suggested reading – “Meet the Experts” (Page 7), and “Common Goals, An Introduction to Four of Wound Care Therapies’ Medical Advisors” (Pages 40-44).
  • Summer 2014 Issue: Dr. Donohue the New Medical Director for Wound Care Therapies Magazine. Suggested reading – “A Letter from the Associate Publisher entitled “The Right Course of Action” (Page 6), a “Letter from the Medical Director” about international mission work in wound healing (Page 8), “The World Walk Teaching the Teachers Model” (Page 20), and “Future Wound Care: Mobile Health Telemedicine for Wound Management,” about the implications of the WoundTool applications to clinical wound healing programs. (Page 40).
  • Fall 2014 Issue, Suggest Reading – “Letter from the Medical Director, ‘Optimizing the Impact,” and two companion papers, “Referral Patterns of Primary Care Physicians for Acute and Chronic Wounds in the US. Would Educational Tools be Helpful?” (Page 28) and ” A Comprehensive Community Limb Preservation Program and Team, ‘Having a Plan for Healing” (Page 36).


“Dr. Donohue’s Global Healing Mission” (.pdf)

“World Walk and Smith and Nephew’s ‘Global Wound Academy’ in Venezuela” (.pdf)

“World Walk Foundation: Sharing Good Foot Care with the World”, APMA News (.pdf)

“World Walk in “A Time to Act,'” International Diabetes Federation (IDF) (.pdf)

World Walk White Paper (pdf)

Wagner Shift Graph (graphic)


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“The Visionaries” documentary series featuring World Walk Foundation on PBS

World Walk and Wound Care in Belize