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  • Robert and Margot Keith
  • Barbara and Philip Baur
  • Sally and Ed Clancy



You can support World Walk and its worldwide humanitarian programs in a variety of ways. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made as yearly contributions, monthly pledges, in-kind gifts and even gifts of appreciated assets.

A direct monetary donation is the easiest way World Walk to put your support directly where it is needed most. We accept secure donation through Paypal or personal checks and a letter of thanks will be sent to you acknowledging your support.

Click here to donate by PayPal:

Please send your contribution by check to:
World Walk Foundation
Dr. Cornelius M. Donohue
748 Camp Woods Road
Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085

Stocks and Bonds
Gift of appreciated stocks and mutual fund shares offer major advantages over gifts of cash; you avoid capital gains tax while at the same time receiving a tax deduction for the full market value of the securities donated.

In-kind Gifts and Equipment
Although we do not have the ability to store donations at this time, World Walk is always in need of supplies and equipment during missions. We work in resource poor communities where the necessary surgical equipment and instruments are scarce. Each member Volunteer Medical Corps is required to donate supplies for their mission but often times, even that is not enough to adequately stock the rural hospitals and clinics where we work.

Please check here frequently for a Mission Wish List for each site. Also, you can contact the Medical Department if you have a large quantity of medical supplies or equipment you would like to donate. This is an excellent opportunity for medical companies eager to share their latest products.

Airline Miles
Travel to World Walk mission sites is resource consuming. While volunteers are asked to pay for their own travel expenses, World Walk would like to be able to provide for those who willingly give their time to help others. American Airlines, a sponsor of World Walk, allows transfers of miles to be made between their frequent flier accounts. We encourage people who have an over abundance of miles to take advantage of this unique donation opportunity. Please contact the Development Department for more information.

For money and/or equipment donations, a letter will be sent acknowledging the donation (as proof to the IRS).

For further information on supporting the World Walk Foundation, contact:

Mellissa Knowles de Oliveira
Director of Public Relations and Development
[email protected]

Dr. Cornelius M. Donohue
Founder and President
748 Camp Woods Road
Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085

Phone: 610-293-1969
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 610-293-1969