Since its inception in 1997, World Walk has taken an active role in reducing the number of podiatric problems worldwide. Diabetes is rapidly becoming a global pandemic. Congenital deformities continue to remain untreated in developing countries. Addressing these growing medical problems is essential for creating healthy and quality futures for our patients, their communities and the world.

Whether in the crowded cities of India or the jungles of South America, on the pristine beaches of Jamaica or the streets of the United States, World Walk Foundation has a very simple goal: to keep people walking. Through the combination of surgical and rehabilitation training and telemedicine support, including materials for patient and community education, World Walk is striving to create medical and surgical self-sufficiency by helping medical communities around the world care for their own people.


Our innovative model of health care is a unique combination of medical assistance, physician training, long distance internet education and community outreach. Each area is designed to build upon the others with the ultimate goal of building long term self-sufficiency.

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The World Walk Foundation reaches out to people and communities all around the globe, from the Caribbean, to Latin America, Asia, and right here in the US.

Currently, WW has three primary mission site on which it is focusing, Venezuela, Belize and Jamaica. These three countries form what we call a Healing Triangle; quite literally a geographic region where doctors are trained and other can receive training.

The basis of our work is to honor the dignity of the human person, and to work for a world in which the independence and dignity of all can flourish. Concentrating on underserved communities, WW can be found where ever people are in need of hope and healing.